Integrated Planning
for Life

Building A Financial Foundation

Most individuals do not have a clear plan for achieving their financial goals. First, through interviews, risk analysis, and candid discussions, we help clients define their goals and objectives. Next, we design your personalized financial plan. This individualized approach allows each client to have a feeling of control over their financial destiny. At the financial foundation stage, we work together to lay the groundwork for your future goals.

You may have heard of this phase as the accumulation phase. The steps you take to save money now and accumulate resources in retirement accounts is what will pay off down the road. This is a period of constant change, whether it’s getting married, buying a new house, welcoming children to your family, transferring with your job to a new city, or starting to think about college savings accounts for your kids, it takes a plan to successfully navigate all of these important moments.

At this stage, we introduce the habits and short-term goals that will develop over time into the long-term results that the client is looking to achieve. This is also the time to start familiarizing yourself with some of the basic components used in managing assets. For example, having a portfolio that doesn’t have too much invested in a single asset, or adjusting your portfolio so that exposure isn’t too heavily concentrated in stocks or bonds, depending on the current market conditions.